In 1934 the Federal Communications Commission allocated frequencies for personal 2-way   communications known as "Citizens Band Radio".  These frequencies
were rarely used until 1952 when a radio technician in Elmira, New York started to build tube C.B. radio's for himself and his friends.  By the 1960's, C.B. user's and
clubs were popping up all over.  In the late 1970's C.B. radio's became a crave with over the road travellers especially truck drivers. This paved the way for the C.B.
Industry which at it peak had 134 different manufacturers making C.B. Radios. We, at Nu-Tronics, opened in 1971 when  new radios were operating on  vaccum
tubes and the F.C.C. charged $ 8.00 for a 5 year license. Now days, radios are controlled by irrigated circuits, are about 1/3 the size and the F.C.C.
has abolished the license process. But is still one of the most reliable and inexpensive forms of wireless communications available today. And there's no
monthly charge.
Uniden PRO510xl, 40 channel, 5 watt C.B.
mobile. ANL noise filtering, LED channel display,
S/RF meter and 2 year warranty. OUR MOST
Uniden PRO520xl, 40 channel, 5 watt C.B.
mobile. ANL noise filtering, LED channel display,
S/RF meter plus, RF gain control, P.A. switch, and
instant channel 9 switch.
2 year warranty
Uniden PC68LTX, 40 channel, 5 watt C.B.
mobile. Features: Analog S/RF meter, Analog
tuning, New Dynamic squelch control
(allowing better
receive with less noise)
, RF gain control, P.A. switch,
instant channel 9 switch, extra long mic cord,
and 2 year warranty
Uniden PC78LTX, 40 channel, 5 watt C.B. mobile,
with weather channels, RF gain control, mic gain
control, SWR meter system ANL & NB noise filtering
system, Dynamic squelch control
(allows you to receive
better with less noise),
extra long mic cord, instant
channel 9 switch
2 year warranty.
Top of the   
mobile line
NEW  Cobra 29lx : LED changeable color
display :
40 channel C.B mobile radio. With,RF
gain control, dynamic mic control, instant
channel 9 switch, noise blanker SWR meter
system, (help eliminate engine noise) weather
one year warranty
Cobra 75wxst : 40 channel C.B. mobiles with all
controls in the microphone. Includes channel scan,
weather channels, favorite channel   presets,
built-in microphone and speaker,
external speaker jack and  
One year warranty
Midland 75-785, portable,
40 channel C.B. radio.
Features rubber   
antenna with BNC connector,
power saver mode and
90 days warranty.
Also comes with cigarette
lighter power cord/ charger.
C.B. Radio's
3615 James Street
Syracuse, N.Y.  13206
phone (315) 437-0033
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$ 61.95
$ 89.95
$ 110.95
$ 129.95
$ 166.95
$ 189.95
$ 69.95
C.B.Radio Repair : Service on most C.B.radios is very limited
1st - Labor cost are typically higher than a new radio
2nd :Most radio manufacturers no longer offer field repair support
3rd : Parts availability is very limited or not available
Nu-Tronics does off a radio check and estimate service for $ 15.00
You most drop off the radio with $ 15.00, we will test and evaluate
your radio, normally within a week, and give you an estimate
ON GLASS antenna
no holes, easy to remove
designed for 40 channel &
weather channel receive.
29" tall, 17" coax cable
$ 39.95
Magnet Mount antenna
no holes, 40 channel
36" tall, comes with
17" coax cable
$ 36.95
K40 K30 Magnet Mount antenna
Super powerful magnet
no holes, 40 channel
35" whip, comes with
15" coax cable
Mylar base finish, handles
upto 300 watts.
$ 46.95
Small rubber Magnet Mount antenna
10" tall, 12' coax cable
$ 29.95
Fiberglass antenna's
Super Flex antenna
3/8 x 24 threads
2' (upto 500 watts)    $ 28.95
3' (upto 1000 watts)  $ 29.95
4' (upto 1500 watts)  $ 32.95
Antenna Mirror Mount
Deluxe 3 way mount with
heavy duty stud
Antenna 3/8 x 24
to SO-239 Heavy Duty
Antenna Mirror Mount
Horizontal mirror mount
with heavy duty stud
Antenna 3/8 x 24
whip adapter
$ 10.95
Antenna Mirror Mount
quick release vise grip
works vertical or
Antenna Mirror Mount
Deluxe 3 way mount with
heavy duty stud
$ 10.95
$ 11.95
Antenna Mirror Mount
8" horizontal mirror
mount w/ heavy duty stud
$ 14.95
$ 19.95
$ 9.95
$ 9.95
Antenna Mirror Mount
for Freightliner with
heavy duty stud
Antenna Mirror Mount
for International with
heavy duty stud
$ 15.95
$ 15.95
Antenna spring
3/8 x 24

Medium Duty   
 $ 9.95
Heavy Duty      
$ 11.95
           Microphone Hangers

Metal screw mount  $ 2.00

Plastic hook $ 3.00

Magnet mount  $ 3.00

Retractable $ 22.95

Heavy Duty Magnet
mic hanger $ 34.95
RG58u Coax cable assembly
all cables with PL259
connect on each end

3' = $ 10.95
9' = $ 12.95
12' = $ 14.95
18' = 16.95
RG58u Co-Phase
Coax cable assembly
9 ' each leg with
PL259 connectors
$ 19.95
Uniden Bearcat 880 : C.B.Mobile Radio with
WEATHER CHANNELS, 2 types of noise filters,
P.A. system switch, changeable color display,
Mic gain, noise cancelling mic, SWR meter, S/RF
meter, one year warranty
$ 149.95